We turn Ideas and Concepts, into Products & Companies.

Your single point-of-contact, for all your Business needs.

Strategic Innovation

We help to define and deliver on your companies KPI's & goals

Marketing & Sales

Stay on-top of industry trends and develop successful sales funnels

UX/UI Designs

Deliver stunning experiences & designs that draw attention

Information Technologies

We help you navigate the maze of modern technologies with ease

Risk- & Security Mngmt

Prepare and protect your company from external threats

Finance & Accounting

Be shrewd in your negotiations and limit your tax burdons

Contracts & Compliance

Rest assured your interests and IP's are protected at all times

3rd Party

We rapidly expand our Network to find the right partners for you

Our Process


We guide clients to prepare their business for success, by drawing upon our experience of starting and running our own ventures.


By connecting clients to the right resources and technology, we ensure that the path to success is paved for them and their customers.


We invest into growing companies through cash infusements and discounts on resources, to help them successfully scale internationally.



Read what our friends have say about ANZU One

Wells Fargo
Outstanding experience in communication and getting the delivery as expected super quick..
Austin Devat
Sr. Technology Specialist
Electronic Arts
..great help during ongoing issue investigations (such as Global Market failures), as well as having a great knack of knowing if the alarm needs raising..
Jacqueline Tongs
Assistant Producer
..a force of change in the org from a tech stack as well as pushing through the agenda of product management and agile as core competencies for any software company..
Elad Simon
Co-founder & CEO
Rockasheep ltd.
You taught me an incredible amount.. ..If I hadn’t met you I would have never said yes to the opportunity..
Alicia Gerrard
Co-founder & Producer

Latest News

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Bubble App of the Day: Startly

March 17 2021

We're proud to announce that, the best no-code platform on the market, has featured our proprietary All-in-one startup platform "Startly" as App of the day.

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First Irish run Kickstarter Campaign with access to ‘Addons’ Feature

We're excited to share great news this week and accounce that last Friday, our first Kickstarter Campaign “#KnockKnock: An IoT powered vibrations sensor” ...

HubSpot for Startups added to lineup of Benefits

This partnership with HubSpot, enables us to offer eligable clients >€200k worth of the latest technology for Sales & Marketing teams, to help you grow your business even faster.

Getting ready to launch ANZU.One

The project team behind ANZU.One has tirelessly been working to identify viable partners to establish a new generation of entrpreneurship communities and online-incubators...